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3-12-2011 Brads Hardtail in the next 4mini magazine.

Please pick up a copy of the next 4mini magazine as one of the Honda50 creations will be featured in it. Here are two pictures from the shoot for the magazine.

Brads Hardtail1

Brads Hardtail2

12-1-2010 Joe Carrillo’s collection on display at IMS 2010 San Mateo CA

This year at the International Motorcycles Show in San Mateo CA, local Bay Area resident and mini collector Joe Carrillo had the opportunity to display his collection. Along with Joe’s collection he invited me to display one of my customs within his display. The event drew many faithful moto enthusiasts from the area and Joe’s collection was a pretty big hit gaining a few crowds and a lot of attention.

Please view the youtube link for some video from the event.

8-22-10 Project carbon hardtail update.The fire has been lit and things are moving yet again for this one, thanks to yet another one that was mocking me. To read the update click here.  tank1.jpg

7-25-10 US MotoGP - Laguna Seca - Ride Report

We had a few monkey riders out at the USGP this year and ended up having a fantastic time. Especially bombing down the world famous corkscrew on the track at Laguna Seca.

Click here for the rest of the story and a link to the on track footage.


5-1-10 Ride Report

Winter seems to have ended and temps are getting better. Time to get back on the road for some monkey cruzin.

Click here for the full ride report.

010510 SF Ride from Greg Stegman on Vimeo.
10-4-09 Ride Report, San Francisco Monkey Ride.A few friends, monkeys and a beautiful city to ride around. Have a look at the youtube clip for some fun. More here. rode-10-4-09-21.jpg9-8-09 New Over Exhaust SystemOver just released a new up swept system for the monkey or Z50 thats really sleek looking click here for more info. 130138_e_2.jpg
6-23-09 Hardtail Project UpdateJust getting the controls sorted out and deciding on some of the little things. Click here for more. grips3.jpg6-22-09 Wheelie-Kids I’ll have some Titanium with a side of aesthetic heat treatment please.  Have a look trough some of these beautiful pieces from wheelie kids. I really like their new catch with compartment, and their one off exhausts are amazing. Just click the images for more info.image2719.jpgimage1834.jpgimage3020.jpgimage3451.jpgimage3439.jpgimage34301.jpgimage3396.jpgimage3416.jpgimage3242.jpg

6-14-09 Project APE update

Dents no more, the Ape gets some new much needed paint. click here for more.